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The leading events in the political history of India are no doubt concerned with some major ruling dynasties like the Mauryas Stnigas the Neo-Mitras the Bactrian Greeks the Scythians the Parthians and the Kusdnas of Northern India the Andhras or the Satavahanas of the Deccan the 'aka satrapies of western or peninsular India the Chetas of Kalinga and the ChOlas or the Pallavas of the Far [...] The Yavanas (Greeks) were the most esteemed of foreigners but all the Yavanas were regarded as sprung from SiIdra females and Ksatriya males." The Riiinciya7.1a (1 54 2 refers to the struggles of the Hindus with mixed hordes of S'akas and Yavanas." In the Kiskindhyd Kauda (IV 43 1-12) Sugriva places the country of the Yavanas and the cities of the Sakas between the countries of the Kurus an [...] 252 256."10 INDOLOGICAL STUDIES We learn from Rock Edict V that censors were created by ASoka for the establishment of the law of piety for the increase of the law and for the welfare and happiness of the Kambojas Gandharas and others living within his empire." The Gandluiras : Gandhara was situated on the north-western frontiers of India in the neighbourhood of the Kambojas Madras and such [...] In this district discoveries have been made of Buddhist architecture and sculpture of the time of Kaniska (first century A. D.)."7 According to Cunningham Gandhara (Chinese Kien-to-lo) had the folloing boundaries : Lamghän and jalalabad on the west the hills of Swat and Bunir on the north the Indus on the east and the hills of Kalabagh on the south." Though Strabo speaks of the country of th [...] Rennell places them to the west of Baktria in the prvince afterwards called Nlargiana while Wilson takes them to be the people south of the Hindu Kush from about the modern Kandahar to the Indus and extending into the Punjab and Kashmir.'" The long wool of the sheep reared by the Gandharis is refered to by Lomad the queen of king Bhdvya who ruled on the banks of the Sindhu (Indus) in th
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I. History of Monarchical and Non-Monarchical Minor States in the Period From 325 B.C. tO 300 A.D.
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II. Social and Economic Conditions from the Earliest Times down to the Nanda Dynasty
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