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Indian Socialism




The warring classes of society are the outcome of economic conditions or the mode of economic production which is the real foundation on which rests the whole supestructure of legal and political institutions and which is also at the root of religious philosophical and other conceptions of every historical epoch. [...] I as the degree of exploitation onaboupower by capital or of the exploitation of the worker by the capitalist." 4 When the labourer works half of every day for himself and the other half fot the capitalist the degree of exploitation or the rate of surplus value is 100 per cent. [...] The total capital of the five spheres of production (or firms) is 500 the total surplus value produced by them is 110 and the total value of the products 610. [...] But these different rates of profit are through competition equalized to a general rate of profit which is the average of all these different rates." 6 The total profit of a business in which more capital is invested is greater in proportion to the amount of its capital but the rate of profit is the same for all. [...] The value of a good is equal to the value of the constant capital it contains plus the variable capital incorporated in it phis the increase in this variable capital the surplus value created.



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