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Sketches of Rulers of India




The first comprises the States possessing the largest measure of independence and the most important of these are the Muhammadan and the Mahratta States which survived the struggles of the eighteenth and the beginning of the ninteenth centucies. [...] From the time that he entered the serviceINTRODUCTION 9 of the Government of India the whole of his service has been spent in connexion with Native States and there is scaikery one of the more important States of India including Rajputana and Central India and Kashmir in which he did not leave his mark for good on the adminitratIon of the State in the esteem of the rulers and in the affec [...] He once had the privilege of a winter's tour with the Zamindar ift one of the greater Zamindaris of Bengal the rulers of which in the estimation of their subjects ralrk with the chiefs of the larger States : and nothing struck hiVmore than the manner in which the slightest wish of the Zamindar was treated as law. [...] Sir Salar Jung was a man of remarkable ability who for many years lead held the post of minister under the last Nizam and being himself one of the nobles of the State was thoroughly acquainted with the wants of the country and with the defects of the adminiVration. [...] With the sympathetic suppprt of the Government of India he applied himself to the task before hint and succeeded during the Nizam's minority of fifteen years in accomplishing most if not all of the required measures of reform.' Of the present ruler of Haidarabad Sir David Barr has said : ' The Nizam is by far the shrewdest26 INTRODUCTION man in the State thoroughly alive to the responsibiliti



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