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Prayag or Allahabad a Handbook


Though there have been many political changes in the country during these many centuries the administration passing from the hands of Kshattriya rulers of Vedic and Buddhistic persuasions into those of the Mohamedan faith first of the Pathans and then of the Moguls and from those into the hands of the East India Company of English merchants and from them to the direct[ 4 2 Government of the Engl [...] In the centre of the terrace on the top of the building stood a turret of white marble very elegantly finished which was taken down by order of the Nabob of Oudk and sent to Lucknow in the year 1789. [...] desecration of their Tirthraj and the stoppage of the self-slaughter owing to the Akshaya-Vata coming within the enclosure of the Fort. [...] 'The tomb to the east is that of Khasrau that in the middle contains the mortal rmains of his mother and the last those of the other children of the family. [...] so and so (here the pilgrim repeats his na nd Gotrthe name of the Rishi to w traces his remote ancestry1„Will e clan he orm my bathing ceremony at the cord:fuer: Ganga and Jumna on this 'day f the bright fortnight of the month of--of th the —Samvat era of the cycle of the incarn of Buddha of the Kaliyuga &c.
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Prayag or Allahabad
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