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The first of these was The Nausari Copper-plate Charter of the Gujarat Relsktrahata Prince Karkka I dated 738 and the second: A Kushana stone-inscription and the question about the origin of the.gaka era. [...] In 1919 was published A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-Western Frontier Province based on the Census Reports for the Punjab of Sir Denzil Ibbetson and Sir Edward Maclagan and compiled by H. A. Rose of the Indian Civil Service. [...] It approaches much more in type many of the Roman mortars but the reduction in the amount of lime has been caused further than in these mortars with the probable result of the weakening of the cement.' The second surprise however came from excavations on the other site which was in the heart of Besnagar. [...] Nevertheless it cannot be denied that on no single old site such sensational discoveries were made as here such as the unearthing of a unique type of railing the find of a genuine piece of steel as ancient as c. 125 B. C. the discovery of the lime-mortar of the Mauryan period rivalling that of the Romans and the picking-up of firbricks showing that the Indians knew what fire-brick meant a [...] Bhandarkar had said in regard to the theories of the origin of kingship such as that of the social contract that of the king being an incarnation of the divine that of the king being the servant of the public and so forth and so on.
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i-viii Bimala Law view
ix-xxx Bimala Law view
‘Aryan Invasion of India’—is it a Myth?
1-2 Ganganatha Jha view
The Tribhuvanam Sanskrit Inscription of Kulottunga III
3-8 K.A. Sastri view
The Chronology of the Works of Khandadeva
9-16 P.K. Gode view
Ayodhya the City of the Gods
17-20 R. Shamasastry view
Purvacaryas in Panini
21-24 Batakrishna Ghosh view
The Failure of Tipu Sultan
25-32 A.F.M. Ali view
Village Organization in South India at the Advent of British Rule
33-40 C.S. Srinivasachari view
The Search of Manuscripts
41-44 Amaranatha Jha view
Bhatta Jayanta and Yasovarman of Kashmir
45-52 M. Kavi view
New Light on the Mediæval History of Gujarat
53-58 V.V. Mirashi view
A Note on the Composition of Sabha at Uttaramerur
59-62 V.R. Dikshitar view
Indian Æsthetics: a Critical Study
63-68 P.B. Adhikari view
New Light on the Early Life of Rana Sanga
69-72 Subimal Dutt view
73-76 S.K. De view
A Tantra Work on the Cult of Pancanana
77-82 Chintaharan Chakravarti view
Struggle Between Delhi and Mewar in the Thirteenth Century
83-90 Anil Banerjee view
Imperialism of Sultan Bahadur of Gujarat
91-96 M. Hosain view
Reality of Fiction in Hindu Thought
97-102 Betty Heimann view
The Coming to Birth of the Spirit
103-114 Ananda Coomaraswamy view
The Racial Affinity Between the Brahuis and the Dravidians
115-120 C.R. Roy view
A Proto-Indian Representation of the Fertility God
121-iv H. Heras view
The Role of Alamkara in Indian Philosophy
131-140 Dorothy Stede view
Jiva and Paramatman Some Observations on Their Unity in Difference (Bhedabheda) Within the Vedanta
141-152 Otto Strauss view
The Chronology of the Campaigns of Govinda III of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty
153-158 A.S. Altekar view
Kavindracarya Sarasvati
159-166 V. Raghavan view
Gleanings from Some Home Department Records
167-172 Surendranath Sen view
An Old Hero-Stone of Kathiawad-Gujarat
173-i Hirananda Sastri view
Epigraphic Notes
177-182 Kshetresachandra Chattopadhyaya view
Vaisnavism in Vijayanagara
183-196 B.A. Saletore view
Freedom of Mind (Cetovimutti) and a Changing Pitakan Value
197-204 I.B. Horner view
Ein Besonders Beachtenswertes Stuck Ostasiatischer Frauenkunst
205-212 Josef Strzyg view
Copper Coins of the Salankayana King Chandavarman
213-218 T.N. Ramachandran view
The Greek Kingdoms and Indian Literature
219-230 A.B. Keith view
Office of Uparika
231-234 B. Chhabra view
Art and Science of Architecture
235-248 P.K. Acharya view
Tayin Tayi Tadi
249-258 P.V. Bapat view
History of the Kalachuris of Southern Kosala
259-276 Amalananda Ghosh view
Le Probleme Du Soma
277-280 Jean Przyluski view
The Era of the Maharaja and the Maharaja Rajatiraja
281-290 H. Luders view
Maireya in Panini
291-294 Vasudeva Agrawala view
A Missing Link
295-300 E.J. Thomas view
Prototypes (?) of Siva in Western Asia
301-304 H.C. Raychaudhuri view
A New Charsadda Inscription
305-310 Sten Konow view
Guhilot Origins
311-316 G.C. Raychaudhuri view
Vasu Uparichara and Animal Sacrifice
317-318 S. Aiyangar view
Travancore’s Ancient Capital: Padmanabhapuram
319-i R.V. Poduval view
Personification of Night as Woman in Kalidasa
323-324 C.W. Gurner view
In Defence of Individuality
325-328 P. Rao view
A Historical Character in the Reign of Asoka Maurya
329-340 C.D. Chatterjee view
Physical Features of Ancient Bengal
341-364 R.C. Majumdar view
On the Edicts of Asoka Some Points of Interpretation
365-370 B.M. Barua view
Contemporaneity of the Kings of India and Ceylon
371-376 Bimala Law view
377-382 Bimala Law view

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