Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. New Series
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Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. New Series




1952 Journal of the CEYLON BRANCH of the ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY Nero Series Volume II Part The design of the Society is to institute and promote inquiries into the History Religions Languages Literatu) Arts Sciences and Social Conditions of the present and former inhabitants of the Island of Ceylon and connected cultures COLOMBO PRINTED BY THE COLOMBO APOTHECARIES’ CO. [...] It seems to have been the practice of the Dutch Government in Ceylon to send annually to Holland herbaria and medicinal plants to be tried out in the laboratories and the medicinal gardens at Leyden Delft and elsewhere in the Nethelands. [...] The full title of this work is : Florae Lugduno-Batavae Flores (the Flowers of the Leyden Flora) or the enumeration of the families arranged In the Leyden garden on the basis of natural characteristics. [...] It is a vocabulary of Sinhalese names of the different parts of the human body of months and days and of honorary titles of persons written in Sinhalese and Roman characters side by side with their significations in Latin. [...] ' The custom among the Sinhalese for contracting a marriage is this : On behalf of the suitor his parents request from the parents of the girl to be wedded their consent and when it is received a cloth (which is their dress) is sent to the girl by the groom together with some betel leaves ; at the same time the date for the marriage is announced.

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