Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series)  1953
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Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series) 1953




The record is the Kudaluru inscription of the King4 which records the grant of the village of "Nair to the west of the river Totla and east of Marukare Visaya"—obviously the place near Coimbatore since the boundaries set here are easily identifiable with the river of the name in the hills of the Nilgiris and the place known to-day as Madhukarai a few miles off Coimbatore. [...] 64-70) in his History of Sanskrit Poetics two of which are devoted to the identification of the V. D. quotations in the Haralata (one only of three such) of Aniruddha Bhatta the Danasagara of Ballala Sena and the Caturvarga-cintamani (vratakhar.ida) of Hemadri for fixing from dharmtiästra sources the lower limit of the date of composition of the V. D. viz. [...] 43 and 44 the fact of borrowing by the V. D. from the Matsypurana on the strength of several grounds and ascribes the similarity of cotents of the V. D. I. 146 41b to the end and I. 148-154 (verses 1-7) and the Mat 207 (verse 24b to the end) and 115-120 respectively to the above borowing. [...] To draw attention of the scholars to the confusion between the Markancleya Purana and the sage Markancleya the speaker in the V. D. he says on p. 266(n2) that the fact that in the great majority of cases the verses ascribed to Markancleya are not found in the Markaa.eya Purana but in the V. D. proves that the word `Markancleya' prefixed to those verses refers to the speaker MarkarAleya in [...] the Rajdharmakaustubha) immensely draws upon sometimes quoting entire chapters are the Matsyapurana the Brhat-sarithita and the Visrmdharmottara.' The above remark about the V. D. is now fully borne out by the fact that all of the 14 identified big extracts out of the 16 quoted ones from the V. D. in the Rajadharmakaustubha cover the entire or almost entire chapters viz.

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