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Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series). 1943




The columns which support the lintels of the colonades in the ground floor rise up to support the beams of the students' rooms in the upper storey and their loftiness combined with the lavish decoration of the frieze and the brackets below the margin of the roof add much stateliness and magnificence to the general style of the building. [...] The Sa`dian kings in regard to the enchanting beauty of their architecture seem to have emulated the example of the Bana Ahmar of Granada but unfortunately al-Qap al-Badi` the Wonderful Palace" which was the chef-de'ceuvre of the building genius of the Sa`dian king Mansiir Mansfir the Golden has completely perished 2 the reason of its destruction being the jealousy of the succeeding dynasties [...] sireth only to remove from you the abomination of vanity since ye are of the household of the Prophet and to purify you by a perfect purification.2 This is the grave of our master tire Imam the refuge of mankind the defender of Islam the humiliator of the worshipper of idols the wielder of sword and lance in the cause of God the lord of estates the middle jewel of the necklaces (of the fait [...] Thereafter he proclaimed openly the word of God 5 which he used as the grip of the shield of Islam and as an organizing code for the forces of the community and as the foundation and base of the protection of the religious law till the day of judgment. [...] In the aftenoon the view is grand the large waves thud against the age-worn walls of the fort; in the distance across the estuary of Bu-Regreg the minarets and houses of Sale shine in golden sand; and the walls and bastions of the fort itself present a silhouette the effect of which is enhanced by the growing dimness and calm of the evening.

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Cover i-iv P.V. Kane, A.A.A. Fyzee, N.K. Bhagwat


A Persian Forerunner of Dante 1-6 R.A. Nicholson


Twenty Days in Marrakesh and Rabat 7-xii G. Yazdani


Chandonuśāsana of Hemacandra 27-74 H.D. Velankar


Miscellanea 75-76 P.V. Kane


Reviews and Notices of Books 77-92 P.V. Kane, A.A.A. Fyzee, N.K. Bhagwat


Backmatter i-ii P.V. Kane, A.A.A. Fyzee, N.K. Bhagwat




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