Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society  1949
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Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1949




KSil 411 " to the rainy season "; put' hata KSiI 125" to the son " ;. pun-sisi-bimbuhata TisS 113 " to the disk of the full moon ". (b) the ending added to the oblique case : sipihuhata KSi) Too " to the artist " ; daniihata TisS 57 " to the eople ". (c) the ending added to the infinitive ending in -nu being the stein form of a noun : lovata pihita vanuhata HarhsS 61 " in order to become a suppor [...] miyurunata KSil 155 " to the peacocks " ; viyovambuvanata Muv 55 " to the women separated from their husbands " ; muva-pollanata Muv 157 " to the young of the deer " ; sivotunata ParvS 96 ' to the birds " ; himin-ambuvanta Sas 226 " to the married people ". The ending -hata is also used with the oblique case of the plural as e.g. [...] (a) Singular : madinduhu du KSil 171 " the daughter of the king of Madra " ; mama riindavi naravard KSi1 263 " delighted the heart of the king " ; sisihu sasali Muv 19 " the hare-like stroke of the moon " ; nisayurd sasale hun vilas pä Muv 37 " revealed the beauty of the moon from which the hare-like stroke had disappeared ". maran'tit'hu at'hi Muv 118 " on the trunk of the death-like elephant ". [...] 107-1949j THE CULAVAMSA 125 TRANSLATION After the end of the Great Dynasty when they brought the Tooth Relic from Kälinga in the ninth year of King Kit-siri-me the first in the Lower Dynasty at the order of the king the Sinhalese writers of the day recorded in Sinhalese the history of the Relic from the Parinirvana of the Buddha to its arrival in Ceylon. [...] The author of the Cfilavarnsa who had read this History of the Tooth compiled by Sinhalese scholars alluded in verse to the mere fact of the bringing of the Relic and added that one should refer to the Daladavarnsa for the details of the story.

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