Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series)
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Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series)




And the most helpful comparisons can be made only between what is called 'the Githa portion' of the Avesta Texts and the Vedic (mainly the Samhitiis.) The Githil portion' of the Avesta Texts comprises sections 28-51 and 53 and 54 of the Book of Yasna ; i.e. [...] in the bibliography.] The author of Malamadhyamakakarikä Acarya Nägärjuna who is said to be the founder of the Madhyamaka school of Buddhist philosophy lived sometime in the 2nd cen. [...] A NEW COMMENTARY ON SABARABHASYA 141 At the end of smrtyadhikarana he speaks of himself as a great and successful controversialist in the verse : He closes the vyitikaranaptimany5dhikarana with the remark that he closely follows Prabhãkara whose doctrines are comparable to the hot and brilliant rays of the sun : At the end of iikrtyadhikarana and udbhidadhikarna the following verse and colophon a [...] The BhAttas explain that it is produced in the Atman of the sacrificer when the sacrifice is successfully performed by him and that it continues to exist in him till the production of the phala either in this world or in the other. [...] Even the authority of presumption may lead to the assumption of some potency as existing in that thing itself which is found incapable to do its work in the absence of that potency ; so presumption can lead only to the assumption of some faculty in the action and not in the agent and what is spoken of as residing in the agent cannot be regarded as produced by the action In the Aparvidhkarna (I

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