Baba Kharak Singh Abhinandan Granth - 86th Birthday Commemoration Volume
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Baba Kharak Singh Abhinandan Granth - 86th Birthday Commemoration Volume




The Abhinandan Granth has been blessed by the gracious messages contributed by the two great representative Indians the President and the Prime Minister of India who have both adinirably expressed the established opinion of the country on the life and work of Baba Kharak Singh. [...] " The awakening of the Sikh mind to the national cause produced at this momentous meeting of the Sikh League led to a series of consequential develoments under the leadership of this man of the hour Baba Kharak Singh. [...] The Martial Law in the Purk:ab came in the wake of a reprehensible social system under which the Gurdwaras which were centres of religion became centres of intrigue and corruption under the control of a body which was in league with the worst agents of British imperialism. [...] The British Government was fe-ced by the indomitable resistance of the Sikh heroes to yield to the national demand of the Sikhs for the delivery of the keys of the Golden T nnple from the custody of a foreign secular authority the Deputy Commissioner of the District. [...] It is indeed a joy to think that Baba Kharak Singh has lived to see the attainment of the country's Independence even though it has been accompanied with the tragedy of the partition of the land which has been particularly galling to the great community to which Baba Ji belongs and which in its noble history of centuries enshirnes some of the most glorious acts of martyrdom for the sake of its

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