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West Bengal Independence Anniversary 1953


Suniti Kumar Chatterjee describes the nature and degree of civilization of the Bengalis before they came into contact with the Vedic Aryans as follows: The ideas of karma and transmigration the practice of yoga the religious and philosophical ideas centring round the coception of the divinity as Siva and Devi and as Vishnu the Hindu ritual of puja as opposed to the Vedic ritual of homa —all [...] Thanks to the wise counsel of the leaders and above all to the mighty spiritual influence of Mahatma Gandhi the innate good sense of the people of the State began to reassert itself and to West Bengal belongs the proud distinction of being the first to have restored communal amity. [...] With the fall of Burma and the reverse of the Allies in the South-Eastern theatres of the War Bengal came perilously close to the War zone and was bombed a number of times. [...] The State however had some accession of revenue under the sharing of Union duties of excise the grant-in-aid in lieu of a share in the duty on jute and jute goods and the granin-aid under the substantive portion of Article 275(1) of the Constitution. [...] Article 335 of the Constitution of India provides that the claims of the members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall be taken into considration consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration in the making of appoinments to services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or a State.
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i-viii unknown view
Our West Bengal
1-11 unknown view
A State is Born
12-15 unknown view
Homage to Patriots
16-18 unknown view
Our Finances
19-20 unknown view
Blueprints of Prosperity
21-25 unknown view
Community Projects
26-29 unknown view
North Calcutta Electric Grid
30-38 unknown view
39-50 unknown view
Damodar Valley Project
51-55 unknown view
Sonarpur-Arapanch Scheme
56-59 unknown view
60-61 unknown view
The New Mint
62-62 unknown view
Harvest of the Deep Sea
63-69 unknown view
Millions Live Again
70-85 unknown view
Our Food Front
86-89 unknown view
Crops Cattle and Trees
90-95 unknown view
Co - Opration
96-96 unknown view
Letters and Learning
97-106 unknown view
107-110 unknown view
Fillip to Cottage Industries
111-111 unknown view
Workers’ Welfare
112-113 unknown view
Headway on Highways
114-121 unknown view
The Port of Calcutta
122-126 unknown view
Health Programme
127-128 unknown view
Relief of Distress
129-129 unknown view
Agrarian Reforms
130-134 unknown view
Bringing Backward People Forward
135-138 unknown view
School for Mountaineering
139-139 unknown view
Prevention of Crime
140-142 unknown view
Prison Reforms
143-146 unknown view
West Bengal Cabinet
147-150 unknown view
In the Legislatures
151-156 unknown view

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