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40th Session. Indian Science Congress. Lucknow University. Souvenir Volume


The readers will I believe be gratified to learn of the progress the University is making in advancing the cause of scientific research and of the suport and encouragement which both the State and the Central Governments are giving towards the Economic and educational development of the State. [...] Since the attainment of freedom and the establishment of responsible and popular Governments both at the Centre and the Provinces there has been a marked progress in the advancement of scientific technique in the Economic and Educational development of the country as a whole and this State in partcular. [...] The numerous projects which are in the process of implementation the establishment of research laboratories all over the country and the formultion with the advice of experts of Five Year Plan are indicative of the serious efforts which the Governments are making to encourage production and to utilise scientific talents. [...] The country and the Goverment are looking up to bodies like the Indian Science Congress and the Unversities for providing them with the necessary talents and for effecting such co-ordination both in the interest of economy and efficiency. [...] In the preparation of the Souvenir I have had the generous cooperation of the various Departments of the Government as well as other Institutes and also the numerous contributors who have sent brief reports of work and research activities in their departments.
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Prof. Kali Prasad

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Section I History of Lucknow
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Section II Survey of Uttar Pradesh (Geological Archaelogical Anthropological Etc.)
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Section III Research Institutions in Lucknow
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Section IV Work and Research Activities in Government Departments of U.P.
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Section V Research Reports from University Departments
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Section VI Educational Progress in Uttar Pradesh
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Section VII Science and Religion
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