India 1953  Annual Review
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India 1953 Annual Review




The year 1953 will be mainly noted as the year which saw the positive results of the Five Year Plan — a notable improvement in the food situation greater industrial production the operation of a number of river valley schemes and the execution of many other projects designed to increase the supply of consumer goods and help the nation to achieve far greater and more varied production in the fu [...] As the Prime Minister observed on the inauguration of the scheme the Community Project is the " dynamo prviding the motive force behind the Five Year Plan." By the end of the year the Projects included about 50o blocks covering nearly 30 00o villages. [...] The cause of the deadlock is the insistence by the Chinese and North 22"FOREIGN AFFAIRS Korean representatives that the composition of the Political Coference should be discussed at the preliminary talks and the U. N. view that the scope of these talks must be confined only to settling the time place and procedure of the Conference. [...] In it he stated that the constitutional changes taking place in Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland were " to the prejudice of the large majority of the inhabitants " and that Federation would reinforce the colour bar obstruct the progress of the African people and relegate them to a `position of inferiority. [...] Since then India has consistently maintained that the primary condition of a peaceful settlement of the Far-Eastern question is a frank acceptance of the change that has taken place in China and her admission to membeship of the U. N. The most recent example of that belief was seen in the voting at the current session of the General Assembly when India voted against the U. S. resolution propos

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