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The Tiger of Mysore. A Story of the War with Tippoo saib




The blunder was a costly one to us for the work had to be done all over again and the fault of Lord Cornwallis retrieved by the energy and firmness of the Marquis of Wellesley. [...] No news had been received of the ship after she touched at the Cape and it was supposed that she had gone down with all hands until nearly three years later her boaswain Ben Birket had entered the East India Company's office and reported that he himself and the captain had been cast ashore on the territories of the Rajah of Coorg the sole survivors as far as he knew of the Hooghley. [...] None of the passengers particularly noticed these proceedings for Dick had been warned by the captain to say nothing about the brig; and as he was the only passenger on deck at the time no whisper of the privateers had come to the ears of the others. [...] Men stood on the bulwarks and waved their caps frantically to the schooner; others could be seen by the aid of a glass casting spars hecoops and other articles overboard and jumping into the water after them; and soon the sea around the wreck was dotted with heads and floating fragments while the wreckage of the mainmast was clustered with men. [...] They had a spell of bad weather off the Cape but the captain said it was nothing to the gales they often encountered there and that the voyage as a whole was an exceptionally good one; for even after the delays they had encountered at the start the passage had lasted but four months and a half.



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