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The Adventures of Akbar




It is a strange wild tale this of the adventures of Prince Akbar among the snowy mountains between Kvdahar and Kabul and though the names may be a bit of a puzzle at first as they will have to be learned by and bye in geography and history lessons it might be as well to get familiar with them in a story-book; though indeed as everybody in it except Roy the Ra jput Meroo the cook boy; Tumbu t [...] He is as like his grandfather as two splits of a pea!" cried Head-nurse in rapture and then she went to the tent door and shrilled out: "Slaves! Quick! Come and perform your lowly salute on the occasion of the cutting of a back tooth belonging to the Heir-to-Empire the Most She cut short her string of titles for a crash of thunder overhead warned her she had best be speedy bVore the rain soa [...] But the heat of the day was now upon them and though the snow lay close beside the path the fierce sun melting it made the vapour rise and turned the narrow valley into a regular steam bath. [...] This chasm stretched right across the upland from a steep rock which blocked up the head of the little valley and out of which the stream gushed and there was no way of crossing it so the shepherd explained by signs except the birctwig bridge. [...] A low cavern in the rock and on a shelving bank of dry sand Baby Akbar sitting up and rubbing his eyes while on one side of him was the golliwog of a black dog his fur all brisling his white teeth gleaming as he filled the air with furious barks; while on the other was the white fluff of a cat her back arched her tail the size of two spiting and growling fiercely.



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