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Trial of Diwan Mul Raj




The original English copy of the proceedings cotaining the addresses of the Prosecution and the Defence counsel the grounds of the judgment together with the English translation of the evidence were unfortunately m. ing. [...] The Council of Regency at the initiation of the Resident had introduced the practice of appeals from the decisions of the district officers being heard by the Lahore Darbar. [...] For the right understanding of the situation that was now developing it is necessary to know what was happening in the camp of the Lahore party and at the garden house of Diwan Mul Raj during the 30 hours from the afternoon of the 19th to sunset of the following day when the two gallant British officers were again attacked in their camp by a body of soldiers ovepowered and mercilessly done to [...] The Commission began its sittings in the Diwan-i-Am in the citadel of Lahore at 7 o'clock on the morning of the 31st May.* As ordered by the Governor-General the proceedings were carried on in the open court.t Mul Raj was present in court throughout the trial. [...] But the Commision direct that the execution of the sentence in compliance with the instructions of the Right Honourable the Governor-General of India be suspended pending orders of the Governor-General of India.



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