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Bengal Under the Lieutenant-Governor Being a Narrative of the Principal Events and Public Measures During their Periods of Office from 1854 to 1898




LISTS OF THE CHIEF JUSTICES AND JUDGES THE MEMBERS OF THE BGIARD OF REVENUE AND THE SECRETARIES TO THE GOVERNMENT OF BENGAL 1092 APPENDIX IV. [...] Inquiry was pushed on regarding the deficiency of supplies and the anticipations of famine ; information was collected as to the extent and population of the parts where it would be intense ; and estimates were framed of the number of people likely to need relief and of the food-grain which would have to be placed in the country in order to provide relief. [...] To carry this quantity from up-country and from Calcutta to the railway stations of Bihar and Bengal taxed severely but did not surpass e resources of the Railway Company but to transport it from the raiway stations to the interior of the country and especially to the North of the Bihar and Bhagalpur Divisions before the rains should set in in June and make the roads impassable was a H [...] 4. On November the 7th 1873 the Secretary of State was informed that Her Majesty's Government might rely upon the Government of India using every available means at whatever cost to prevent; as far as tlrey could any loss of the lives of Her Majesty's subjects in consequence of the calamity which threatened Bengal." The result has shown that the resources of the country and the energy of thos [...] Having studied on the spot the condition of all the distressed districts I transmitted to Campbell an estimate of the financial cost of the proposed relief operations on the assumption that the rains would fall propitioEsly in the coming season also of the reserve stocks of grain to be provided in event of the rains again failing.



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