The Story of India  Book III  British in India
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The Story of India Book III British in India




For this we have to depend on what we can glean from old songs and religious writings gathered together in the form of the great works known as the Vedas the Brahmanas - the Upanishads ; and the heroic poems the Mahabliarata and the Ramayana. [...] On the last dttof the year 1600 Queen Elizabeth of England granted a charter with sole rights of trade to the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies." This was towards the end of Akbar's reign and just one hundred years after the building of the Portuguese factory at Calieut. [...] I. At the death of Aurangzeb the last of the real Great Mughals the British owned in India the island of Bombathe city of Madras the beginings of Calcutta and some other minor possessions --only a few square miles in all. [...] At this time occurred the deaths of Asia Jab Nizam of Hyderabad and of the' Nawab of the Carnatic and the usual struggles for the thrones THE CANNATIC'. [...] The campaign had been a success owing to the genius of Clive the devotion of his men both British and sepoys and the great skill of the British seamen under Admiral Watson and of the river pilots.

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