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The Two Great Indians in Japan




I t was to Japan that Subhas Chandra Bose went to meet Rash Behari and secure his sage advice and the fruits of his long experience and received the assurance of help from Japan in the fateful struggle with the cry—Chalo Delhi." The romantic career of Rash Behari Bose both in India and in Japan reminds one of the words of the poet ;- "'T is strange—but true ; for truth is always strange ; Strange [...] The Westerners are the makers2 The Two Great Indians in japan of sinister arms while the Easterners have been the makers and seekers of peace who taught and are teaching still the uselessness and harmfuness of deadly arms and the weapons of war and the way of living a peaceful and free life without the killing machine and with spirituality the heritage of man. [...] The highest is by the universal understanding the conception of the world or more exactly the constitution of the universe which is Vedantic philosophy. [...] Samurais are the descendants of Krishna the God of Justice and Shamva was the origin of the Samurais. [...] The lessons to be learned by a son of Samurai were first of all the order of the universe i. e. t h e principle o f justice and what is life—an alphabet p o e m that teaches boys and girls in plain basic words the smallness of our life in this world and the importance of the order of the universe that is nothing but the infinite freedom internal happiness and absolute righteousness the princip



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