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Story of Satara


Rungo Bapoojee addressed the readers of his publication as follows :- The following pages have been written at my request for the purpose of calling attention to the injustice of those proceedings of the Indian authorities which have terminated in the deposal of my sovereign the ex-Raja of Sattara and of pointing out some of the numerous contradictions and inconsistencies which exist in the evi [...] On the 15th September 1836 that Goverment wrote to the Secret Committee of the Court of Directors of the East India Company a letter calculated to prejudice the minds of the Directors against the Raja. [...] that he had conspired with the Portugese Viceroy of Goa ; and that he had also intrigued with the ex-Raja of Nagpore and tried to call in the aid of the Russians and the Turks for the expulsion of the English from India. [...] But the greatest of all services he rendered to India was the full and thorough exposure of the mis-government of India by the Company to which should he ascribed the final abolition of the Company. [...] Rungo Bapojee's letter to the Chairman and Court of Directors of the East India Company under the heading Treatment of the Ranee captive widow and infant son of the ex-Raja of Satara by the Government of India and the Directors of the East India Company".
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