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A Short Primer of Indian History




The chief gods of the Aryans were Agni the god of fire ; Indra the rain-giver god of the atmosphere or lower sky V aruna the god of all-encompassing darkness; Yama the god of death; Savita the sun-god; Ushas the dawn and the Maruts or storm-gods. [...] Agni is the chief of the gods of the earth Indra of the gods of the mid-air and Savita of the gods of the heavens. [...] The fourth caste the Sudras are the original inhabitants of the " Nasal Index (greater or less breadth of the nasal bones and of the nasal opening) increases in a direct ratio to the social inferiority of the caste and the social status of the members of a particular g;oup varies in an inverse ratio to the mean relative width of their noses." Risley " The People of India " p. 28."Lsramas or [...] The chief tribes of the Aryans were thus diThe early tributed : the Kurus near Hastinapur (Delhi) ; Aryan tri the Panchalas to the south of them near Kanauj on the Jumna and the Ganges the capital of their territory was Kampilya a town situated between the modern Budaon and Farukhabad; the Kosalas in modern Oudh ; the Videhas in Behar ; and the Kasis in the neighbourhood of Benares. [...] The Kambojas near Kabul the Gandharas and Yavanas of the Ibu1 valley the Rashtikas of Maharashtra and 'Saurashtra (Gujerat) the Bhojas of Vidarlba or I13erar the 1.( Petenikas and Pulindas of the Deccat and the Andhra kingdom between the Goda eri andBUDDHISTIC INDIA.



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