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Kenneth S. Macdonald M.A. D.D. Missionary of the Free Church of Scotland Calcutta




There was some disappointment at the time that the appeals of the Society had not had any immediate result in eliciting offers of service in the mission field but in after years several of the sons and daughters of the earlier members were to he found in the ranks of the missionaries in India and China. [...] "For were not the fish in the river th) trees on the hillside and the grouse among the heather the inalieable property of the Gael the owner of the land from the days of Adam and Eve ? To the trees planted by the proprietor we instinctively realised that we had no right ; but it was altogether different with regard to trees of God's planting and of God's own raising." Climbing up the ruine [...] With the sinle exception of the local landed proprietor the congregation to a man joined the Free Church the proceedings against the minister were dropped by the Presbytery and he was left to enjoy the tempoPalities" in peace with the laird and his household to preach to. [...] A neighbour of Mrs Gollan as Betsy Macdonald was now named had died and on such occasions it was the local custom by no means confined to the Roman Catholics for the friends to gather in the house of the deceased for a wake on the pretext of keeping a watch over the corpse till the burial. [...] It is in Gaelic and certifies that the Society having carefully cosidered the abilities learning progress in the study of the Gaelic language and the many excellent qualities cif our friend Mr Kenneth Macdonald M. A. Glen Urquhart grant him the title of Honorary Member of the Celtic Society of the University of Edinburgh and give him the right to use and employ the above-mentioned titl



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