cover image: The Quarterly Journal of the Geological  Mining and Metallurgical Society of India. March 1953



The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Mining and Metallurgical Society of India. March 1953


Rajendra Prasad President of the Indian Union and the year of the Silver Jubilee of the Federtion of the Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry of which I was a committee member and which Jubilee Session was inaugurated by Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru Prime Minister of India. [...] I will refer you gentlemen to those two speeches of mine particularly to my address at the Jubilee wherein I have frankly discussed some of the momentous issues of the day and the problems within the sphere of the Society confronting the National Government and the builders of India's destiny. [...] The Plan has therefore provided for systematic detailed investigation and surveys by the Geological Survey of India by the Bureau of Mines and the National Laboratories for the quantitative and the qualitative assessment of the country's reserves of important minerals including coal. [...] Can they not find enough money for necessary development of the railway lines — the electrification of the Howrah-Mughalserai track the duplication of the AdrAsonsol link and a few other links and lines the extension of railway lines as recomended by the 1946 Indian Coalfields Committee the removal of the bottlenecks at the junctions and break-of-gauge points the construction of the much [...] Inspite of differences between man and man in different countries of the world the things that men live by are everywhere the same the air the soil the water the rivers in the valleys and the minerals within the earth.
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