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Asia. March 1921




James McCutcheon & Company Fifth Avenue 34th and 33d Streets New York THE AMERICAN ASIATIC ASSOCIATION THE PURPOSE of The American Asiatic Association is— "To contribute to a satisfactory adjusment of the relations between Asiatic countries and the rest of the world by the removal of sources of misunderstanding and the dissipation of ignorant prejudices; and to cooperate with all other agenci [...] Come with us to the far-off South Sea Islands not only to Tahiti but to New Guinea Samoa the New Hebrides the Gilbert Islands in the Special South Sea Number of AS IA The American MAGAZINE on the Orient The April issue will contain the following contributions: "The Tiare Hotel"— by Frederick O'Brien — author of "White Shadows in the South Seas". [...] I got the sawdust out of her I uglued the head from her body and the hair from the head and even dug out the eyes—and at the end of all that I had learned nothing of the way she was made and I could not put her back the way she had been and what was worse I brought on me an avalanche of reproaches from the elders who were ever incapable of appreciating my endeavors. [...] I was sorry for that because I had once heard my father say that the Turkish fleet leaked like a sieve and would go to the bottom the first time it put to sea and of course the admiral would go to the bottom too unless he were a cunning old admiral and watched the sea maneuvers from the shore on the back of a charger as some of the Turkish naval officers did. [...] The gardeners were busy succoring the wounded and burying the dead; that is in the language of the elders they were tying up the vines and bushes and picking up the broken branches.



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