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Harijan Ahmedabad — Sunday December 29 1946




The Committee however appreciate and express their gratification at the presence in the Constituent Assembly of representatives of all other interests and sections of the people of India and note with pleasure the spirit of co-operation in a common task and a high endeavour which has been in evidence during the sessions of the Assembly. [...] While the Congress has always been swilling to agree to a reference to the Federal Court any reference now when none of the °tiler parties are prepared to join in it or to accept it and one of them does not even accept the basis of the scheme becomes totally uncalled' for and unbecoming and unsuited to the dignity of either the Congress or the Federal Court. [...] The Working Committee are still of opinion that the interpretation put by the British Government"December 29 1946 HARIJAN 467 in regard to the method of voting in the Sections is not in conformity with Provincial Autonomy which is one of the fundamental basis of the scheme proposed in the Statement of May 16. [...] " Artificial manures were horn out of the abuse of Liebig's discoveries of the chemical properties of the soil and out of the imperative demands made on the farmer by the invention of machinery." Experience all over the world and especially in America has shown clearly that jrbe free use of artificial manures combined with eep ploughing has completely destroyed the fertility of millions of acres [...] The technique of civil disobedience by itself could not have given to the women of Bombay the strength to hold to the flag against the horse-hoofs of the mounted police or those of Borsad to endure ruthless lathi charges and dragging by the hair by policemen.

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Harijan Ahmedabad — Sunday December 29 1946 465-472 Pyarelal




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