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India To-morrow Thursday 30th November 1933




Baron von Rheinbaben the German reprsentative limited himself to the statement that two essential claims of the German Government were a real and substantial disarmament on the part of the heavily armed Powers and the practical and immediate application of the priciple of equality of status the question of quantity being left open for negotiation. [...] It is also clear that this failure of the conference is due solely to the unwillinness on the part of the heavily armed States to carry out their contractual obligation to diarm This renders imposible the satisfaction of Germany's recognised claims to equality of rights and the condition on which the Geman Government agreed at the beginning of this year again to take part in the work of [...] The deputation was led by Lord Cecil who in the name of the various organisations submitted the following resolution : "The Peace Orgnisations express the desire for the successful issue of the World Disarmament Conference and the conclusion of a Convention assuring equality of status and security for all nations and the co-operation of States to educate their public opinion in the spirit and m [...] But it need not be assumed that either this longing or the fact that it is being satisfied is consciously present in the mind of the appreciator at the time of his enjoying the piece of music or the drama the picture or the poetry. [...] There are others who thorughly enjoy the show on the stage of the gross brutalities of the master towards the slave the caustic wounds in the pride of the hero and his conseluent humiliation the extreme physiCal and mental sufferings of the heroine and her ultimate death in penury and disgrace.



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