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India To—Morrow Monday 21th August 1933




But on account of its promises it has caught the ear of the American people and as Ramond says "the idea bids fair to become one of the outstanding fads of the depression era." The theory which wants to cut at the root of ciipitalism cannot go unchallenged in the United States the bulwark of modern capitaism. [...] It seems both the groups believe in economic equality in society both of them believe in equal distrbution the theory of energy determinants is the same as Historic Determinism of the Marxists both of them believe that the surplus value go to the owners and managers of the machine both of them want to do away with the price system and issue a "token" money both of them believe that the sys [...] The magic touch of dreamlands and the fragrance of fairy gardens are still in the air but to be sensed they require to be seen and not looked at The nymphs and naiads of mthological ages the dragons of the medieval periods are not noexistent in these days of footrules and field compasses ; they only need the gallantry of a prince or the valour of a. Knight to show them up. [...] The Rajus of the Nageswar clan do not eat the fishes of the order while those or the Sandilya clan do not employ the bull to the yoke. [...] In the first instance Sir James bases his attitude on his own famous "tidal theory" of the origin of the solar system According to this hypothesis the earth and the other planets were formed as the result of the near approach of two stars in the distant past several billions of years ago One of these way the primitive sun and the result of the encounter was that enormous masses of gaseous and



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