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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science Supplement 1904




on the veins and nerves of the nnder anrface of the leaf of D. deltoidea. [...] There aro besides other differences: the rhitehis of the inflerea-once in both sexes of D. sikkimenxis is distinctly angled while that of D. dettoiitAiin the Mato is tenet* and in the female only slightly angled : the frnit is i►14o slightly different in shape i it. [...] is to be noted that both D deltoiden and D sikkimensis occur in Central Nepal which is the eastern limit of the one and the western limit of the other. [...] The chief differences between the two aro (i) in the male flowers which in D. Praseri aro sessile and in D. sikkimensis are distinctly pedicelled (ii) in the seeds which aro of a different colour and shape and (iii) in the folilige which is chiefly composed of wide cordate leaves in the Burmese plant though there are leaves on the nitimate branches which are Banger than bread as is the unite [...] This species Is most nearly allied to D. teneipen with which it agrees in the didymons stamens and in the distinctly pedicelled male flowers 2 but from which it differs markedly in the biseriate perianth the lobes of which are not refracted hi the rather shorter and stouter pedicels the thicker and larger perianth-lobos and in tho distinctly oymillose (no% glomerate) chimers of flowers.



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