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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1894




The antennulary peduncles which are over two-thirds the length of the carapace have the two basal joints stout and the third joint which is the longest slender and tapering: the outer flagellum is longer than the animal the inner is not as long as the eye-stalk. [...] 149 The thoracic legs are all short and slender: the 2nd and 3rd pairs which are the longest are only about half the length of the external maxillipeds and are distinctly chelate: the 4th pair have the three terminal joints remarkably compressed and lamellar: the 5th pair are about half the length of the carapace. [...] Those of the first pair are not much longer than the external maxillipeds those of the second pair exceed by about one-third of their length those of the first while those of the third pair are longer by the extent of the dactylus than the entire animal. [...] The eye-stalks are short even for the genus and the cornea which are quite devoid of pigment are bat one-fifth the length of the free portion of the rostrum in diameter. [...] The hands only are asymmetrical : in the larger hand which may be right or loft the fingers are only a third the length of the sub-cylidrical tapering palm and half the length of the meropodite and the palm is from one-third to more than one-half the length of the animal : in the smaller hand the fingers are equal in length to the palm which is not one-sixth the length of the animal and a



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