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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Physical Science 1879




In the smallest specimen the ground colour is still paler numerous dark bands cross the back and alternate with rows of minute white dots : on the tail the dark bands form rings and are much broader than on the back ; on the back of the neck the dark lines are V-shaped the angle being directed backwards. [...] The anterior margin of the vertical and the posterior margin of the prxfrontal are straight and so is the posterior edge of the vertical not convex as in the type. [...] The Moulmain specmens are large being nearly 12 inches long and all the ulq portions aro dusky the tail with pale rings lower parts pale the colour extending up the sides of the head and neck in the former to just below the eye and in front to the canthus rostrali& and on the neck so that there is only a belt of black about one-eighth of an inch broad on each side of the crest ; no radia [...] The coloration agrees with the description of that found in ii t ifirycita so far that the yellow rings are very imperfect and the blackish colour covers a much larger portion of the body the whole of the lower part of the anterior two-thirds being black and the yellow rings being only faintly traceable across the band throughout the thicker part of the trunk they extend in general across th [...] Catlin in his work on the North American Indians records how the Western hunter using a gun on horseback was unable to compete with the Red-skin using the bow and stone arrow in the chase of the Bison and how this flint-tipped arrow was frequently driven right through the ponderous shoulders of the mighty beast by the sinewy arm of the savage.



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