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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Physical Science 1876




The description of the bird now recorded will run as follows: On back and shoulder of wing pale umber-►rown with ash-coloured feathers coming in on the centre of back ; the tail is of the same colour but darker increasing in intensity to the end with no white save at the very roots of the rectrices. [...] Above it is the counterpart of P. 2najoroides : the back wing and tail rich velvety black ; spots on the wing-feathers moderate ; a very large and conspicuous white wing-patch formed by the secondary coverts ; a scarlet band on the nape ; a white frontal band extends through the eye to the ear-coverts and side of the neck the portion near base of bill and the eacoverts being pale flaxen. [...] In the adult the lores are pale over the eye also the border of lower mandible is white the under surface is more rufous there is no sign of whit© tippings to the breast or abdominal feathers the irides are red-brown and the legs pale horny. [...] instead of 13 taking the measurement along the oilmen and 14 instead of 18 from the gape; the tarsus having the same dimensions in the two birds. [...] It is white throtighout the black of the nuehal patch with the white spots being replaced by pale ash-grey as well as the darker portions of the vrifig and base of the tail-feathers.



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