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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II.—Physical Science &C. 1874




In the winter of 1872-73 I was fortnate to find it myself in the Naga Hills udder Japvo Peak and again at Yëmi Plstinggum and Gaziphimi at the headsof the Lanier River on the main water-shed. [...] is the commonest form in the Naga Hills and has a great range in altitude being found at' Dimapur in the Dunsiri valley under 300 feet and as high as 7 000 feet at lilamho Peak on the Burrail range also at Laisen Hill and Sikhlimi and on the east aide of the blunipur valley on the slopes of Nongmaiching and MOngehing. [...] The eggs were laid close in under the rock on side of the path lying on the bare ground with no signs of any thing in the way of preparation for them or the young. [...] The two eggs are of a dull white blotched with three shades of umber and one shade of ashy brown : in the one they are distributed pretty evenly throughout and this is symmetrical in form the minor axis being in the centre of the length: in the other the markings are mostly coufiued to the larger end and the shape is rounder 1st. [...] The contents of the stomach of this bird were 3 of the large hairy caterpillars (3* inches long) so common on the grass-lands in the Khasi Hills.



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