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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Physical Science 1871




13lyth in 1858 and 1860 communicated a few papers on fish including carps collected in Bengal Burnm and Ceylon in 'the " Procecclings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal." Irrespective of the " Fishes of Malabar " 1865 I have 110LW043/1 1865 and 1871 recorded observations on Indian carps in the " Proceedings of the ZuEelogical Society of London." The last and"1871.] F. Day—liolyraph of Indi [...] As to the internal characters the skeleton forms one of the most important features respecting which much still remains to be investigated in the Indian carps and the same remarks apply to the internal organs. [...] Even the form of those teeth is not invariably similar in all the spcies of the same genus : thus in the 1?ohtee microlepis Blyth these teeth have serrations on their edges and the two largest of the anterior row are molarform whereas crooked and pointed ones are the rule in the genus. [...] During the hot months a few of the species appear to (estivate remaining in the mud of ponds and perhaps of rivers until the return of the monsoon or rainy season. [...] Lateral line continued to the centre of the base of the caudal fin.



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