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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I May 1844




A few spoonfuls of sugar to the children generally had the effect of bringing out the females of the ghurrea (a place where the shepherd resides ) and in a few minutes we were the best friends in the ss.'orld. [...] Blood feuds are unfredhent commutation by fine g*Noy* :—This coincidence in custom with the Abyssinians is one of the most striing of the many proofs of the Arab origin of the latter.—Sus.":Vote on the Myjertheyn Sonwlee.%. [...] - I annex a list of the boats employed and the quantity actually shipped in each ; and I now offer a rough estimate of the quantity shipped this year taking the weight of the baliar at 10 to the ton. [...] the luban meyeti and luban bedoui of these the meyeti which grows out of the naked rock is the moist valuable and when clean picked and of goad quality it is sold by the merchants on the coast for dollar per frasila of 20 pounds. [...] The Alined walls of houses and gardens surround the place and sofford shelter to the bsiegers almost up to the edge of The ditch.



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