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The Ceylon Historical Journal. January & April 1953


ROBRECHT BOUDENS Some Trees and Plants mentioned in the Mahavamsa ANDREAS NELL The Treaty of 1766 between the King of Kandy and the Dutch (2) E. REIMERS The Events leading to the Capitulation of 1796 a Re-statement R. L. BROHIER SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT The SINHALESE CASTE-SYSTEM by DR. [...] It was therefore decided not to put the franchise into the Constitution to have the first general election on the 1931 franchise but to empower the new Parliament to change the franchise law. [...] If one starts with the assumption that the Indians are interlopers brought in by the British the correct decription is not ' communalism ' but ' nationalism '. If one starts from the assumption that the Indians (and of course the so-called Europeans) are part of the nation ' then ' communalism ' is the correct term. [...] The newspapers certainly gave more space to the Government than to the Opposition but the Government not the Opposition made the running from the start. [...] On the other hand there is still a gulf fixed between the Engliseducated section of the population and the mass of the electorate : the fact that I knew something of the former and very little of the latter is probably important because the two groups may have had different scales of values.
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i-xviii unknown view
Additional Notes on the General Election of 1952
193-208 Ivor Jennings view
Sociological Background of Early Sinhalese Paintings
209-220 Nandadeva Wijesekera view
Texts of the Cave Inscriptions at Handagala Vihāra
221-224 C.W. Nicholas view
Some Aspects of Early Sinhalese Architecture
225-229 K.V. Soundararajan view
The Royal Lineage in the Prasastis of the 8th-10th Century Inscriptions
230-236 Lakshman Perera view
Buddhaghosa the Great Commentator
237-242 A.P. Thera view
Some Observations on the Study of Sinhalese Place Names
243-250 B.J. Perera view
The Catholic Church in Ceylon from 1658 to 1687
251-257 Robrecht Boudens view
Some Trees and Plants Mentioned in the Mahavamsa
258-264 Andreas Nell view
The Treaty of 1766 Between the King of Kandy and the Dutch (2)
265-274 E. Reimers view
The Events Leading to the Capitulation of 1796 a Statement Based on Documents in the Madras Record Office
275-292 R.L. Brohier view
The Sinhalese Caste-System of Central and Southern Ceylon
293-366 William Gilbert view
Book Reviews
367-372 unknown view
i-xii unknown view

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