New Indian Antiquary. November 1939
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New Indian Antiquary. November 1939




In spite of this threefold combination the later Jaina texts3 use the words parikara as connoting the entire piece surrounding an image toravN referring to the arch-like portion of the parikara and kalaga meaning the ornament surmounting the torana. [...] I a2 2 Pedestal of the image of a standing Jina together with a portion of the parkara and remains of the feet of the Jina. [...] The parikara and the position of four Jinas as in I b2 21 except that there are no musicians by the side of the seated Jinas and there is a figure of Cakre§vari on the pedestal. [...] Silver inlay on the kala'sa on the eyes and chest cushion; and the cognizance of the central Jina ; and on the chest of the seated Jinas and to their right and left on the frame and on the chest of standing Jinas. [...] Drops of silver inlay on the headress eyes hdra and mead of the devi and the eyes of the lion.

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