New Indian Antiquary. September 1939
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New Indian Antiquary. September 1939




This very close adherence to the original construction together with the inflectional poverty of the Pahlavi language and the use of transcriptions in the case of obscure Avestan words enhances the ambiguity of 'the Pahlavi version and makes it clumsy as copared with the Pahlavi of independent treatises like ' Denkart' and DätistAn i Denik.' The Pahlavist generally meets the difficulty by the [...] The most important is the Pahlavi version of the Vendidad although it is far from attaining to the monumental greatness of the Indian commentaries of a Sankara or Mallin5tha or the Kasika. [...] The difficulties in understanding and interpreting the Pahlavi are enhanced by the following factors :- (1) The Pahlavi translation of the Avesta contains many words which are scarcely noticed in the Pahlavi Books ; (2) many Pahlavi words in the translation are mere transcriptions of the Avesta ; (3) the conciseness of the style which requires so much to be supplied by the translator ; (4) the obs [...] the perfomance of the worship of God] and the praise of holiness of Him the very wise [i.e. [...] Of the inscritions the earliest of course is the famous Candravalli stone of the Kadamba king Mayaragarma.

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