New Indian Antiquary. July 1939
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New Indian Antiquary. July 1939




What is the linguistic meaning of Märkandeya's rule ? And before all which are the endings named by him ? -jjahi is as known one of the enings of the second person of singular optative ; -jjo contains also evidently the -jcharacteristic of optative the final vowel is on the contrary enigmatic. [...] Just as the early hymns of the ggveda emphasize the meaning of the words applied in repeating as possible in the very sentence the verbal root from which they are derived just so explains the Bh. [...] G. emphasize with good reasons that the concept of God and the expositions of bhakti is the essential of the Bh. [...] The representation of the personal God in His epiphany is—as the terms of the context emphasize once and again and as the name of the 10th book expressly states—a divine ; i.e. [...] The God is praised too like in Western monotheism with terms like pitar father of the world but in the very verse he is called also mother grandfather and with a neutral term the Veda and the pavitram the magical means of purification.

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