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New Indian Antiquary. June 1939


It gives a picture of the caves and creeks that once existed in the principal part of the city of Vijayanagara supplies the date of Ram Raja's death and narrates the conquest of Raichur and Mudgal by All Adil Shah the construction of Bijapur fortress Ali Adil's conquest of the Karnatic his success over the forces of Ahmanagar and Golconda the construction of a fort at Mandarak or Dharwar [...] The date of this event (death of Ram Raja) is described as Fatah-Din Marg La'ain" or the victory of the Faith and the annihilation of the accursed. [...] For the glorification of the Faith and the expansion and consolidation of the empire he aimed a blow at the neighbouring kingdoms of Palconda3 and Nirmal. [...] Abul Hassan the son of Shah Tahir and the prime-minister of Bijapur was sent on an expedition against the fort of Adoni.1 The fort was strong and impregnable and none of the earlier muslim sovThe Bijapuris reigns had conquered it. [...] The commandant of the fort was originally a noble in the court of Ram Raja but he had on the death of the latter taken possession of the fort made his position strong and paid homage to none.
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A Chapter on the Reign of ‘Ali ’ Adil Shah of Bijapur*
143-155 K. K. Basu view
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163-163 E. G. Carpani view
A Note on Na Stanan Sammrsati
164-165 P. E. Dumont view
Svetadvipa In Pre-Christian China
166-168 Otto Maenchen-Helfen view
Use of Guns and Gunpowder in India From A. D. 1400 Onwards
169-176 P. K. Gode view
An Unpublished India Office Plate of the Vākātaka Mahārāja Devasena
177-i H. N. Randle view
Notes of the Month
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