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The Indian Journal of Medical Research. January 1952


The Aims and Objects of the Society are to coordinate the work of Biological Chemists in various parts Membership is open to all those interested in Biological Chemistry and allied subjects. [...] Indian Journal of Medical Research SPECIAL NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS (Issued tinder the authority of the Indian Council of Medical Research.) CONTRIBUTORS would greatly assist in the editing of the Journal if they would please note and as far as possible conform to the following requirements in respect to manuscripts and illustrative matter submitted for publication :— MANUSCRIPT. [...] Space will be allotted in relation to the nature of a paper the amount of original observation included and the relative importance of the work. [...] (h) The bulk of a paper should consist of a record of the original observations actually made in connection Frith the investigation the result of which is reported. [...] Illustrative matter should not be sent in the form of unarranged drawings or photographs but be definitely arranged or allocated by the author as so many text-figures or plates as the case may be having due regard to the size and shape of the page of the Journal and the capacity of the drawings or photos for reduction.
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i-xvi M. L. Ahuja view
Anti-Tubercular Activity of Organic (Synthetic) Compounds Related to Pas in Vitro
1-6 J. C. Suri view
An Investigation into the Relationships Between the Species (Parasitic in Man) of the Genus Leishmania Ross 1903. Part I. A Study of the Cultural Characters and Morphology with a Statistical Analysis of the Relative Measurements of the Various Species
7-24 Ahmed Mohiuddin view
Environmental Conditions in Printing Presses
25-44 S. Subrahmanyan, N. Majumder view
Comfort Range in Tropical Calcutta. A Preliminary Experiment
45-52 M. N. Rao view
Evaluation of Lead Hazard in a Pigment Manufacturing Concern
53-62 C. V. Sabnis view
Antihistaminics in Ophidiasis
63-66 S. N. Pradhan view
Estimation of Stature from Clavicle in Punjabis. A Preliminary Report
67-72 B. Singh, H. S. Sohal view
Amino-Acid Composition of Indian Foodstuffs. Part I. Tryptophane Leucine Isoleucine and Valine Content of Some Cereals
73-88 S. C. Balasubramanian, M. Ramachandran, T. Viswanatha, S. S. De. view
Studies in Protein Metabolism: Creatinine Excretion in Urine in Relation to Sources of Dietary Proteins
89-94 P. V. Karambelkar, V. N. Patwardhan, A. Sreenivasan view
A Preliminary Note on the Pharmacological Action of the Total Alkaloids Isolated from Cissampelos Pareira Linn. (False Pareira. Brava)
95-100 P. K. Roy, A. T. Dutta, G. K. Ray, B. Mukerji view
Studies on Suchikabharana—an Ayurvedic Tonic Preparation of Cobra Venom
101-108 P. K. Roy, G. K. Ray, A. T. Dutta, B. Mukerji view
Distribution of the Natural Non-Specific Synergists in Different Fractions of Crude Veal-Infusion Proteose-Peptone Diphtheria Toxoid
109-114 D. C. Lahiri view
Sterility Tests of Chemical Solutions Meant for Parenteral Administration
115-120 P. N. Sengupta view
Studies on Rabies VII. Observations on the Paralytogenic Factor in Rabies Vaccine
121-129 A. K. Thomas view
i-iii M. L. Ahuja view

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