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The Indian Journal of Medical Research July 1952


(October 19:11)............ Re. [...] U. THANT (January 1928).......... Rs. [...] (Betel.).. (March 1928).......... Es. [...] (August 1928).......... Rs. [...] WVOANViiVOCIGIVOMMOVe SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS INDIA 4e AIMS AND OBJECTS `de The Aims and Objects of the Society are to co-ordinate the work of Biological Chemists in various parts 0 of India ; hold meetings for discussion of important topics of scientific interest and for presentation of of original papers ; _publish annual reviews abstracts of biochemical work done in India and monogra
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i-xiv M. L. Ahuja view
Thymol-Turbidity Test in Schizophrenia
295-302 D. N. Nandi view
Studies in the Schizophrenic Metabolism : a Study of Liver Function by Quick Et Al.’s (1938) Benzoic-Acii) Test
303-312 D. N. Nandi view
Duration of Potency of T.A.B. Vaccine
313-316 Naranjan Singh view
Studies on Rabies
317-326 C. B. D’silva view
A Method of Producing Pure and Potent Vaccine Lymph from Sheep
327-340 S. N. Sinha view
Immunizing Potency Against Variola of Strains of ‘ Vaccinia Virus Seeds’ Used in India for the Preparation of Vaccine Lymph
341-352 R. S. Rao view
Purification of Vaccine Lymph
353-360 R. S. Rao view
Phagocytic Coefficient as a Measure for Evaluating Plant Antibiotics
361-372 Rajul Broker, J. V. Bhat view
Studies in Allergic Asthma
373-386 T. S. Sadasivan, K. Lakshminarayanan, K. S. Sanjivi, R. Subramanian, N. Krishnaswamy view
Nutritional Megaloblastic Anaemia of Pregnancy: a Study of 100 Cases
387-430 B. V. Kothari, Y. M. Bhende view
Response of Serum Carotene and Vitamin A to Variations in Level of Dietary Carotenoids and the Effect of Storage on the Stability of These Nutrients of Blood Serum
431-438 P. N. Sen Gupta view
Studies on the Ascorbic-Acid Oxidase Activity of Some Common Indian Pulses During Germination
439-442 Haripada Chattopadhyay, Sachchidananda Banerjee view
Losses of Nutrients During Cooking of Vegetables
443-454 Indumati Mulay, G. A. Dhopeshwarkar, N. G. Magar view
Consumption Level in Some Food-Scarcity Areas of Bihar
455-468 S. B. Lal view
469-469 M. L. Ahuja view
i-i M. L. Ahuja view

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