The Calcutta Review  April 1953
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The Calcutta Review April 1953




the ground is case of the negation of a jar Since it has neither contact with the locus nor inheres in it is not Wettable._ We shall prove on the score of experience that there exists a third type of relation which is other than the relation of conjunction and that of inherence and is called the relation of the qualifying to thy qualified. [...] (The purport of this objection is ths* the memory of the object of an sot of perception which is notintrospected is impossible.) The answer to the objection is that the remembrance of the objiict of perception which is not introspected is to be admitted here as tile relaxation of this law is accepted by all in case of the remembrance of induction in connection19533 NYLITA-11fAtiJAItt 5 with the i [...] The absence of the probans on the locus of the negation of the probandum is one of the concomitant conditions which accompanies the probans to generate inferential knowledge. [...] The absence of rainfall leads to the inference of the blowing away of the cloud by the storm (the contact of the cloud with the storm). [...] By the sweet will of a person the conversion of the terms of the relation of the qualifying to the qualified is noticed.

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