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The Calcutta Review March 1953


Being such it produces some result One who enjoys the fruit of the action is the agent since the relation of invariable concomitance holds between the enjoyer of the fruit of an action and the transitive verb like the verb to sacrifice. [...] Moreover the Bliattas have cited a fair number of examples the proper interprtation of which depends upon the solution of the conflict among the six proofs of ascertaining the relation between the principal and the secondary elements of a vedic rite. [...] Hence it is absurd to discover that the relation of invariable concomitance holds between the spot in question and the negation of a particular object.1953] NYAIA-34ARJARi 217 Tie non-perception of an object negated cannot play the part of a mark which leads to the inferential knowledge of the negation of the object since it does not belong to the subject of inference. [...] The upholder of the view that the lion-perception of an object is the mark may argue that if the probandum is inferred even by means of the defective mark then it is of no use to know it as belonging to the subject of inference. [...] So the perception of an object as a known object is the perception of the knownness of the object also and consequently so argue the Bhättas perception proves that knownness is a fact.' Again the Bhattas attempt to prove the fact-hood of knownness by means of inferences.
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