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The Calcutta Review January 1953


The light of the stars or that of the digit of the moon is entirely different from that of the sun who illumines the whole universe. [...] It is a good news to the logicians that like the application of the plurality of means of proof the distinct existence of a whole and that of a universal. [...] Other logicians point out that the diversity OP the character of consciousness is explained not by the difference itV the conditions but by the difference in the nature of the objects. In the above example the near object is not the same as the distant: one. [...] Aecoiding to the rules ;aid down in the logic of the Naiyayikas the conditions such as the presence of the invariable mark in the subject of inference etc. [...] The awareness of the negation of Caitra in his house is necessary for the inference of his existence outside his house since no probans being not cognised leads to the knowledge of the connected prohandum like smoke the awareness of the negation of an object when all the means of picot fail to cognise the object negated.
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