The Calcutta Review  An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series)  December 1941
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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) December 1941




The next item in this study is to visualize on the objective basis furnished by the -factual and realistic investigation of the first part the general configuration ox pattern of world-economy at the end of the present war. [...] The experiences of the war of 1914-1S as well as of the present war should not fail to be eyopeners in regard to the value of an eventual food-autarchy for the British people. [...] The RepoptilatioriTProblem of the U. K. Another recommendation for the strengthening of the British people with an eye to the furtherance of the interests of the Empire economy should be the inauguration of the;_ policy of repopulation. [...] When Agastya and his band of early Aryan settlers braved the dangers' of the Vindbya forests and trekked southwards to the kingdom of the Pandyas one of the first exploits of the sage is said to have been the defeating of Havana king of Lanka in a musical contest. [...] The site'of the first academy was 'the submerged' Madura which lay to the south of the Kuinari river near the banks of the Pahruli river.

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