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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) May 1941




In order to meet this objection I shall now quote a few lines from The Dawn of Indian Freedom" written by two priests of the Church of England Englishmen who have settled down as inmates of the Cluista Seva Sangha of Poona and who in the language of the Most Reverend the Archbishop of York have devoted their lives to the task of " interpreting the Christian Gospel to India in the utmost possib [...] It is especially noteworthy that in the Petition which the East India Company presented to the British Parliament in February 1858 on the eve of its abolition the expression invariably used for referring to the inhabitants of this country is the people of India and never the peoples of India. [...] CALCUTTA REVIEW [MAY Salisbury the Secretary of State for India sent to the Government of India on the 13th July 1b76 notifying the assumption by Her Majesty Queen Victoria of the title of Empress of India " spoke of the Queen's favourable sentiments towards " the Princes and People of India." (Italics mine.) The Parliamentary debates over the Indian Councils Bill of 1892 in referring to t [...] But the Bengal system of public instruction effected this triumph at the cost of the primary education of the masses." The cry that the system of public instruction of Bengal sacrificed the teaching of the masses to high-class education had no basis either in theory or io fact. [...] Hunter who was for some years the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calcutta adopted an excellent criterion indeed for judging the results of the educational reforms of Lord Mayo in this country ! He was seeking to evaluate the so-called educational measures of Mayo not by the progress of general education among the people but by the disappearance of Muhammadan disaffetion." The prospects



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