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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) June 1939




The eternal aim of education is to awaken the inner powers of the individual which are adapted to the - objective laws of the moral and cultural structure of the community. [...] The analysis of the present order of society and the investigation of its inner structure are to him more important than the merely formal analysis of the social relations. [...] This is frequently eemplified in the advocacy of changes in the political or economic orders by fixated marginal men ; the changes advocated may sometimes be revisionist " but they are more frequently " catastrophic." The ethno-sociologist Richard Thurnwald exhibits the " Drama of Mankind " in the Religions of the 1Vorld (Papers for the International Parliament of Religions held by the Ramakr [...] But the necessity of establishing an agreement about their fundamental interests as well as the conception of the community of their destiny are becoming prominent on account of the progress of events in the Far East and the increasing separation of the North American continent from Europe. [...] His assembly was the rendezvous of scholars and men of letters of all shades of opinion: and he conversed with than to the entire satisfaction of all of them.



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