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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) May 1939




t N authoritative pronouncement on the excise policy of the Gover-nent of Bengal was made by members of the present Cabinet in the first budget discussions on the 4th September 1937 when there was a debate on the demand under the head grant for excise." Our Finance Minister who took part in the debate observed : "It is not right on the part of the Government to be _ a party to organise temp [...] The only aim of this price adjustment of one and the saucspirit in different districts of Bengal is the securing of the highest possible revenue irrespective of the misery and degradation which invariably accompany the use of alcohol. [...] Our ministers took 7 months to consider the matter probably because in the language of the Scriptures they are " men of little faith " and announced the introduction of prohibition in the district of Noakhali in East Bengal with effect from the 1st April 1938. [...] In the face of this how can we say that we have prohibition in Bengal unless of course it is of a special kind which like the royal Bengal tiger found in the Sunderbans is unparalleled anywhere else in the world and is our very own speciality ? EXPLANATION OF THE POLICY From what I have said already you might desire to know the reasons underlying the very peculiar policy of the Bengal Governm [...] p. 36 4 Ibid."104 THE CALCUTTA REVIEW [MAY The uncertainty of aim and a general scepticism which govern the postNvar generation have led to a series of experimentations involving changes in form content as well as in the spirit of the fiction which has been produced in this age.) It will be interesting to note the views of a novelist setting forth the essential elements of a novel before we p



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