The Calcutta Review  An Illustrated Monthly  (Third Series)  November 1936
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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) November 1936




It is the mirror tben which has to do the poetising of life ; the vital the imaginative the emotional temperament of the poet is the reflecting medium and it bag' to supply unaided the creative and poetical element. [...] The high intensity of speech which English poetry has brought to bear upon all its material its power of giving the fullest and richest value to the word and the image is needed for the epression of the values of the spiritual which will be one of the aims of higher intuitive utterance. [...] The resolution which the Conference unanimously passed was practically the same and may be briefly summarised that the right to asylum ought to give political refugees the same privileges and duties as the citizens of the the country of refuge." At the Government Conference as is so often the case with that kind of conference it was a matter of paper and nothing else resulted."158 THE CALCUTTA [...] The passing of a Maternity Benefit Act for the whole of India on the lines of the Bombay C. P. and Madras Acts is to be found among the resolutions of the Conference (pp. [...] The Germans were trying to shake off the trammels of feudalismi-Itrid the —need for the establishment of these subsidized banks arose out of the prvisions of laws relating to the emancipation of land.

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